Facebook and Your “Relationship Status”

Hilarious Relationship Status

One of the plethora of possible Facebook relationship options

This blog is dedicated to chronicling the many ways the media portrays romantic relationships or theĀ evolving “love story”. With the idea of love expanding past the traditional mold of one man and one woman, different definitions and labels of relationships have sprung up in popular culture. With the media acting as a lens, this blog will explore each label and definition that represents a minor, but growing perception that one relationship type does not fit all. I seek to shed light and awareness, and even understanding by illuminating love in all forms, while providing a glimpse of distinct relationships molds that to not conform to the norm. Recently, Facebook recognized a need to provide more than 50 options to each of its users to describe gender, and I believe thatĀ  in time, the relationship options will also expand to match users’ needs. The labels, “single”, “in a relationship”, “engaged”, “in a civil union”, “married”, and “it’s complicated” just don’t cut it anymore in the ever changing world of 21st century love.